Jahr Autor Titel Register
1613 Antonio Serra Breve trattato Seite
1622 Edward Misselden Free trade Seite
1667 William Petty Political Arithmetick Seite
1667 William Petty A Treatise of Taxes and Contributions by William Petty Link
1680 Geminiano Montanari Breve trattato
1683 Geminiano Montanari Della moneta
1691 John Locke Value money
1695 Pierre Boisguillebert Detail France
1724 Geronimo de Uztariz The theory and practice of commerce
1758 Francois Quesney Tableau economique TAE
1767 James Steuart An Inquiry into political oeconomy IPO
1767 David Hume Several Subj
1776 Adam Smith Lehre über das Geld
1776 Adam Smith Wealth of Nations WON
1792 Johann Georg Büsch Geschäfte
1796 Thomas Paine Fall English Finance
1800 Johann Georg Büsch Geldumlauf
1801 Johann Georg Büsch Münzwesen
1803 Jean-Baptiste Say Traite …
1805 Francois-Louis-Auguste Ferrier Gouvernment …
1808 James Maitland Lauderdale Recherches …
1809 Charles Ganilh Systemes …
1810 Report, together with minutes of evidence …
1810 Charles Bosanquet Practical observations
1810 David Ricardo The high price of bullion
1811 David Ricardo Reply to Mr. Bosanquet’s practical observations
1811 Edward Thornton Observations of Report
1812 Robert Torrens An Essay on Money and paper currency
1814 David Buchanan Observations on subjects treated in Smith’s inquiry …
1816 David Ricardo Proposals …
1817 David Ricardo On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation PPE
1817 John Barton Observations on circumstances
1818 Alexandre-Louise-Joseph de Laborde
1818 Louis Say Principales richesse …
1819 Jean-Charles-Leónard Simonde de Sismondi Nouveaux Principes …
1820 William Cobbett Against Gold
1820 Thomas Robert Malthus Principles of political economy
1821 Robert Torrens An Essay on the production of wealth
1822 Matthew Cary Essays on political economy
1823 Henri Storch Cours …
1823 James Mill Elements …
1823 William Blake Observations …
1823 Thomas Robert Malthus The measure of value
1824 Richard Puller (alias Piercy Ravenstone) Thoughts on the funding systems and its effects
1824 London Magazin of 1824
1825 John Ramsay MacCulloch Discourse …
1826 Thomas Cooper Lectures …
1826 The Westminster Review of 1826
1827 Thomas Robert Malthus Definitions in political economy
1827 Thomas Hodgskin Popular political economy
1828 Thomas Rowe Edmonds Practical …
1829 Jospeph-Francis-Xavier Droz Economic …
1830 Gustav von Gülich Geschichte …
1830 Joseph Pecchio Histoire …
1831 Albert Gallatin Considerations on currency
1831 Richard Jones An Essay on Distribution of wealth
1831 Richard Whately Introductory lectures on political economy
1831 The Edinburgh Review of 1831
1832 Thomas Chalmers On political economy
1832 James William Gilbart History of Banking in America
1833 George Julius Poulett Scrope Principle of political economy
1833 William M Gouge A short history of paper Money
1833 Richard Jones An introductory lectures on political economy
1833 John Wade History …
1834 G Browning Domestic …
1835 Henry Charles Carey Essay on the rate of wages
1835 James William Gilbart History …
1836 George Ramsay An Essay on the Distribution of wealth
1836 Nassau William Senior Príncipes …
1836 James William Gilbart History of Banking in Ireland
1836 Thomas Joplin Stock Banks
1837 Robert Owen Six lectures …
1837 JCLS de Sismondi Etudes sur …
1837 Alfred Stock Banks
1837 Samuel Bailey Stock Banks
1837 William Clay Stock Banks
1837 William Hampson Morrison Metal currency
1837 Samuel Jones Loyd Pressure Money
1837 Samuel Jones Loyd Currency
1837 David Salomons Monetary
1837 Henry Charles Carey Principle of political economy
1837 The Edinburgh Review of 1837
1838 Thomas Tooke Price currency
1838 Henry Charles Carey Credit …
1838 George Warde Norman Errors …
1838 John Morton On the nature and property of soils
1839 Pellegrino Luigi Edoardo Rossi Cours …
1839 John Francis Bray Labours …
1839 Condy Raguet A treatise on currency and banking
1840 William Atkinson Principles …
1840 William Leatham Letters on the currency … to Ch. Wood
1840 James William Gilbart An inquiry into causes of pressure
1840 S Bailey A defence of jooint stock Banks
1841 William Cooke Taylor The natural history of society
1842 James Whatman Bosanquet Metallic, paper and credit currency
1842 Marie Augier Credit …
1842 Thomas Sharpe Smith On the economy of nations
1843 John Gellibrand Hubbard The currency and the country
1844 John Stuart Mill Essays …
1844 John Fullarton Regulation …
1844 Thomas Tooke An inquiry into currency principles
1844 Thomas de Quincey The logic of political economy
1844 The Economist 1844
1845 The currency theory reviewed
1845 John Ramsay MacCulloch The literature of political economy
1845 The Economist März bis Juni 1845
1845 The Economist April bis Mai 1845
1846 John Debell Tuckett A history of past and present state of labouring population
1846 William Alexander Mackinnon History of civilisation
1846 The Economist August bis Oktober 1846
1846 Outlines of social economy
1847 Travers Twiss View of the progress of political economy
1847 Robert Torrens On the operation of the bank chapter act
1847 The Economist 1847
1845 Thomas Joplin Peer’s Currency Bills
1848 Henry Charles Carey The past, the present, and the future
1848 Reports from committees 1847-1848
1849 William Gilbart Banking
1851 Reflection
1851 The Economist April bis Juni 1851
1851 Karl Marx (post mortem 1986 veröffentlicht) Bullion – Das perfekte Geldsystem und Exzerpte seiner ökonomischen Studien Link
1867 Karl Marx Das Kapital, 1. Band KP1
1883 Karl Marx (post mortem 1885 veröffentlicht) Das Kapital, 2.Band
1883 Karl Marx (post mortem 1894 veröffentlicht) Das Kapital, 3.Band
1883 Karl Marx (post mortem 1905-1910 veröffentlicht) Das Kapital, 4.Band mit 3 Teilen
1883 Karl Marx (post mortem 1939-1941 veröffentllicht) Grundrisse der Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie